Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adobe Creative Cloud - Adobe Now On the Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud
So in a very exciting move it looks like Adobe has decided to hit the CLOUD. Cloud based computing has recently taken the world by storm and it appears as though more and more businesses are starting to move not only their internal it infrastructures onto the cloud but businesses are moving entire product solutions and offering onto the cloud.

The $75 per month Creative Cloud offering (or $50 per month with an annual membership), serves up all the CS6 applications as well as Adobe Muse and Edge Preview, two new HTML5 products.

Originally introduced last year the subscription service not only lets you download and install the Adobe desktop applications to your PC, but it also includes connectivity to Adobe Touch apps and provides 20GB of cloud-based storage so you can access your files from any web browser, and view, synchronize, and share your files across multiple computing devices (e.g., tablet and desktop PCs).

Existing users of Adobe suite products such as CS3, CS4, CS5, and CS5.5 are being offered a discounted introductory price of $30 per month and there’s also a free membership with only 2GB of storage space that lets you synchronize and share files across devices, and includes 30-day free trials of all the desktop applications included in the paid membership.

It's a bold move and a great one, but what about us poor AFRICANS? Once again we get left in the dark with crappy bandwidth offerings and slow internet speeds. TELKOM SAVE US!

Anyway, it's a great solution, I'm pretty sure all businesses are going to start going this route soon.