Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Video advertising momentum according to Double Click

Digital video has brought new energy to brands and publishers.

Here are some of the trends DoubleClick's advertising platforms. Double Click found which advertiser and publisher categories are growing video ad investments, why programmatic is an efficient channel to buy and sell video, and how viewer choice benefits everyone.

Below you can find some vital stats on how digital video ads have brought new energy to brands and media companies in the infographic below.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

When to submit Google reconsideration requests

Google Reconsideration Request
Thank to a post from Barry Schwartz on - Google came out clean with when and how you should submit a re-inclusion or reconsideration request for your site through Google webmaster tools.

  • Fix your website first before you submit the request, asking for help before you submit, is going to get you into more poop, if you're unsure what's wrong, ask an SEO company to assist you
  • Use Google’s “links to your site” report within Webmaster Tools to analyze bad links pointing to your site. It's quite difficult and a very tedious process, if you're unsure as to what you're doing, rather ask someone that know's what they're doing. Removing links that you think are bad, when they're not will drop your rankings even further once you recover
  • Remove bad links by disavowing them, nofollowing them and having them completely removed. This is easier said than done, however a good lawyers letter should the company who has your link refuse always works nicely
  • Make sure when you submit your re-inclusion request that you give a detailed explanation of what you changed and removed and why. If it was your SEO company that did some dodgy link building, tell Google you've changed SEO companies as well
  • Responses for reconsideration request can take a few days but may take much longer depending on the site and current workload. From my experience up to 4 weeks
  • Googlers review each reconsideration request manually, so don't think their UBER bots are that clever 
These are guidelines and a summary of the original posting by Google -