Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tumblr launches ADS to promote blogs and posts

Finally, Tumblr, the world's largest blogging service has decided to launch an advertising platform. This Tumblr advertising platform will be used to either promote individual posts or the blogs themselves.
For the most part, the new ads don’t intrude on Tumblr’s users blogs. Instead, the company is using its Radar and it's spotlight features to highlight content from its advertisers.

Although Tumblr hasn't had the push and drive in South Africa's market, in the USA Tumblr has more searches on it's BLOG search than Google has on it's Google Blog search. 

So what does that mean for South African companies and how can we benefit from this service? Well, if your target market is in the US, here's a marketing platform that's going to be cheaper and more cost effective than Google adwords, Facebook paid ads and Twitter.

So, what is it that people are using Tumblr for?
Well, according to the TOP 5 blog categories are;
  1. Celebrities
  2. Humour
  3. Photography
  4. Art
  5. Gaming
2 weeks ago at the SES london conference, can't recall who it was that stated this but stats have shown that 75% of the users on Tumblr are teenagers. This is also reflected in the TOP 5 Tags on Tumblr for 2012;

  1. One direction
  2. Exo
  3. Tom Hidelston
  4. Love
  5. Harry Styles
To summarise; If you are launching either a band. a new song, love art or a new computer game and your target market is teenagers in the USA, Tumblr ADS is without a doubt your platform.