Thursday, May 8, 2014

.Ninja domain names - REALLY?? Wish i was still 15

.Ninja domains names - Get Michael Dudikoffed!!!
You can't tell me Michael wasn't your
hero at some point in your life.
For those of you readers who are South African... Hope you had an awesome #elections2014 and that you all at least voted for someone...I see already 20% of the votes have been counted and for those of you interested; 53% ANC, 26% DA & 4.1% EFF... The rest are really no shows.

Anyways, moving on, I just couldn't resist sharing this with you guys.
After opening up my mails this morning with another mailbox full of SH#$ and SPAM, one caught my eye.

Psssst! Are you a .NINJA? ( central).
Why it caught my attention was most likely my insane infatuation with Ninja's from 1980 - 1994.


Get Your Own Slice of Cool

Swords, nun chucks, and throwing stars optional

Make a killer impression with a .NINJA website and email address. It’s the high-octane, ninjtastic place to be if you’re into showing off your skills. From martial artists to cupcake makers, parkours to photographers, if you do it better than anyone else, let people know with a .NINJA domain.
Kick off your new online presence.


WHO THE HELL WOULD BUY ONE OF THESE .ninja domains unless you were part of the Yazuka mafia or owned a Ninja star shop?