Wednesday, September 18, 2013

6 Solid Ways to Market Your Infographic

Ok, so while my research may not be as pretty as an infographic, I've nonetheless got some sound advice on the best ways to market them and get your information out there for everyone to see.

Following these 6 steps, your infographic will be going viral in no time. It may take some time and effort, but what good things don't.

An example of an infographic.

  • Firstly, you can’t market   something that doesn't look good. The data has to be solid, plentiful and informative. It has to be relevant to your target audience, pretty and useful.
  • Your infographic must have embedded code that lets others repost it. You have to let people know it’s ok to share your infographic if you want it to  spread.
  • Obviously you would like the infographic to go viral, and it seems like these are the recommended steps to do it: create an SEO optimized press release, a social media release (which is the press release optimized for social media), a social media sharing plan for your infographic, submit your infographic to directories and start reaching out to blogs and direct message popular twitter users (who have a connection to the subject of your infographic) to get them to share what you’ve made.
  • You can also use your site network (if you have one) and get them to share your infographic, in exchange for doing it in return in the future.
  • Add “Pin It” buttons to any imagery you use in your infographic post.
  • At the end of the post, have entertaining and tweetable facts to encourage user interaction (these might be more difficult to come up with but are an excellent way to get users to share your post). One of the better one's I've seen recently looks like this:

People are more likely to survive a plane crash than click a banner ad
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Who could possibly resist this?

Follow what you've just read, and watch your infographic spread like wildfire!