Thursday, August 19, 2010

Google - Directory or Search Engine?

After reading an article on I found myself deep in thought and quite frankly unable to do more work... "not always a bad thing".

According to latest reports Google have been doing some testing on displaying local search results. This left me with some questions that maybe you our readers can help me answer...

1. A bold move?
2. Do people want to use Google as a directory?
3. Are people already using people as a directory?
4. Does this mean the end of SEO?
5. Are Google possibly looking to incorporate a directory type listing into their NEW Google Caffeine look and feel?

We'd really love to hear your thoughts on this and whether you think this is the way forward for Google?


Gordon Geldenhuy said...

I think this may highlight a growing need to have your company/branches/stores available on Google Places therefore Google Maps. Could be a bigger drawing card for Google to become a one stop shop for directory and map listings if they start featuring this more and more in their results.

User will welcome this as it makes finding 'real' life places easier from a single search

Anonymous said...

Yeah you have a point there... It's definately user experience that's going to benefit here. My only worry is should google become a directory?