Friday, October 22, 2010

The proof of Google is in the Traffic!

Well isn't it?

I've had a couple of emails from some online forums giving me stick about referring to the web / search and SEO as Google. In other words, do you want your website optimized for Google? Is what I asked a client...I was referring to South Africa in general BUT I was slammed and quickly...


I'll give you some interesting facts about GOOGLE and website traffic in South Africa.
  • 90% of the traffic coming to localised South African websites (GOOGLE)
  • Bing was starting to generate some traffic, but they removed the localised search portion of their search, so South African sites are now mixed up with GLOBAL sites (ALTERNATIVE, GOOGLE)
  • If we combine ALL of South Africa's search engines, directories and social media sites the combined traffic coming into your site is possibly 4%, if that... Meaning (THERE'S ONLY GOOGLE)
  • 95% of the analytics software used in South Africa is Google Analytics
  • I'd say and this is a guess, 60 - 70% of all online spend on PAID ADS is with (GOOGLE)
Which leads me back to my original saying: The proof of GOOGLE is in the TRAFFIC.
So if you're wanting your website optimized for GOOGLE - YOU know who to call!

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