Monday, October 8, 2012

Five reasons why South African businesses must use SEO

South Africans need to catch on and quickly. The corporates are moving up the online marketing chain and are realising that without online marketing, they're nowhere. Apart from that, more and more international companies are riding the wave of a lack of understanding and funding being put into online marketing by South African businesses.

So why is it essential that South African companies invest in SEO:

SEO is an investment that no business can ignore. If you use search engine optimization correctly, you can make sure that your business gets high rankings on search engines. This attracts new clients, new business and possibly new potential revenue streams for your company.

1: SEO offers access to millions of rands
People use the internet to find business and services.

2: SEO helps you to get new customers
70% of people who buy products in a shop do their research online before they do. Search engine optimization helps you to get these customers.
3: SEO has a high conversion rate
4: SEO helps you to understand your website visitorsUnderstanding your clients is essential. Google Analytics allows for this. Understand trends, movements and patterns of what your website visitors are searching for.
5: SEO is well pricedSEO The good thing about an SEO campaign is that it doesn't stop as soon as you stop paying (AdWords). An SEO campaign that uses best practices will offer lasting results that lead to a steady flow of new customers to your website.
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