Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to go about "Tweeting"

twitter In the social networking world, Twitter is the latest tool to voice your current activities and opinions. However, the benefits of using Twitter extend far beyond personal chit-chat or “tweeting” and can be a useful way to market your business, and to guarantee that your company has a say in the realm of micro-blogging.

Micro-blogging, to clarify, is yet way to communicate online on an immediate basis. For users of Facebook, status updates, or any answer to the question “what are you doing right now?” qualifies as micro-blogging. This social networking development means that valuable snippets of information, such as websites, events and news can be shared constantly to a global Twitter network.

If you have already taken the time out to set up a Twitter profile, chances are you already know the benefits of Twitter-networking. However, if you are struggling to find friends on Twitter, or interesting profiles to follow, here are some helpful hints from Mack Collier, who wrote an article entitled “So How do you Find People on Twitter?” for

According to Collier, finding friends on Twitter is as simple as searching for people by name, location or topic, for example “search marketing”, or any other topic that interests you. Collier also suggests using the Twitter Pack's wiki, which allows you to find companies with a presence on Twitter, or Tweetscan. Tweetscan also allows for users to search for any profiles of interest, and a means for others to reply to your Twitter profile.

Collier also suggests that finding people can also be a case of just following your friend’s friends, by keeping track of any conversations between them. Therefore, by being receptive to ongoing conversations in the Twitter-sphere you can enhance your social networking experience, and benefit from your profile's exposure in the micro-blogging sphere.


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