Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PageRank Sculpting

Google has changed the way it uses the nofollow attribute. According to Matt Cutts, the new changes will affect the way people have previously used the nofollow attribute. So the question is, does nofollow have any benefit at all?

What is PageRank sculpting?

PageRank sculpting is the attempt to control the link power of one website page to another page of the same website. Pagerank flows from one page to another, with inbound links to the page adding to PR and outbound links 'leaking' it. By structuring the links on your pages, you can have influence on how the PR is spread on your site. This is called PageRank Sculpting.

Many people believed that by using nofollow attributes within internal links on your site, you could push more page rank to a single page and not pass page rank to the other page.

Well, for those of you who were using it, I suggest it's time to change your SEO strategies.
For more information please read Matt Cutts article on changes according to Google:

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