Monday, July 9, 2012

Use of images for social media

When you see a great picture – you look at it – eye candy for all of us.

So some simple ways to get the best out of using photos for your social media and how it can help your business are quite simply done by a few easy steps.

Firstly decide what you want out of using photos in your strategy – showing to folks talking in front of a screen depicts work.

Then make sure who the target market is for your photos, who your audience is because you want them to Engage on social media, take more photos and share with you and the But Your PRODUCTS.

Make sure you create a very alluring theme or hook with your photos ie. My photos show someone littering with a McDonalds packet and my hook is our products are so fresh they do not need wasteful packaging!..get the idea.

Now you need to create a story around your picture – there is power in words ask any copywriter.

Even if you are a small business, develop and promote your brand always – remember you want Traffic so why not use a Trafficfundi!!!!

Try protect your photo otherwise everyone will sue it freely.  Try a watermark

Associate relevant text with your images – remember to optimize your work always..  Get to the top!!!  Go ahead, use keyword based file names and alt tags!

Spread the word with your picture in catalogues, directories etc so spread the word often.
Share your photo with Pintinterest, Twiiter, facebook etc
Prospect, prospect and  prospect and invite all your colleagues, friends, enemies to share there photos and stoiries with yours – spread the word be like butter! Use blog, websites and social sharing all te time and promote.
Lastly measure your results there are many tools that will tell you what you are working towards is working or not
Lastly, if your photo is not that great – photoshop it!

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