Wednesday, July 4, 2012

3 New SEO Ideas for Businesses

Is your Business Ready for the Latest Search Trends?

In layman’s terms, search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which websites rank in the search engines when users type in a certain keyword. It takes different SEO strategies for “crawlers” to catalog and index your site; and usually, these strategies include quality content and link building. But, this is about to change with the introduction of the latest strategy that has been going on around in the SEO world.

These new innovative SEO strategies combine creative marketing and advertising with SEO and online branding. This approach is a combination of the traditional SEO strategies (i.e. On-site SEO and link building) and modern tactics to grow a company’s online presence. Link building and on-site techniques are not enough anymore to have your site on top of the ranks anymore. By adding these latest trends on the latest search landscape; local SEO, press releases and online reputation management, your brand is in good position as far as Rankings are concerned.

Google + Local SEO 

With the merging of these two services, Google is putting an emphasis of Search importance in to local and social. Meaning, if you are a local business, people should be familiar about your venture and must have experience something about your offline efforts. This will slam businesses who are trying to manipulate search by having  different websites that are not real businesses and built for sear crawlers only.

Google Plus combined with local listings allow businesses get prime exposure on SERPs. These tools also allow users to review and rate services of local businesses around their area to reward companies who are providing best services and slam businesses who are doing poor in servicing their customers.

Online Public Relations

Online public relations means more options for the company which may include online charitable competitions to finding the right material for a press article. This is very vital because it adds creative elements to link building techniques as well as generating good press positioning for the company or website. A good example is creating an online invitation for a fun run whilst promoting a sports-related website or other charitable efforts that a company have.

If you give back to your community or support good causes, good search Karma is on your way. People will talk about your business and will generate more clients for you. 

Article by Marvin Ortiz - Trafficfundi Phillipines

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