Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ineffective Practices in Creating Title and Description Tags

Utilizing proper title and description tags is one of SEO’s best practices. This will help websites obtain enough traffic and online presence at the same time.

If your page title failed to attract online users, you will not be able to disseminate what you have in your site, may it be services or products. This will, primarily, leads to a lower web traffic.

As we all know web traffic is very important. It is the amount of data sent and received by visitors that helps sites rank in search engines. This is determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages they visit. So therefore we should not lose even a single online user because this will add up to the search volume that we are targeting.

One of the main problems that cause sites’ ranking to fail is the ineffectiveness of site pages’ titles and descriptions. Here is a list of problems that we commonly encounter when we create title and description tags.

Title and description do not hit the right keywords
·         Remember, title tags and the meta descriptions should include keywords relevant to the content of the web page.

Title and description are not unique and do not compliment the site itself
·         Each page should have a unique title and description that will attract clicks.
·         The description should have a high quality set of sentences that will best describe the page. As I mentioned, these should include the assigned keywords to make it more relevant with the site.

The titles and descriptions are too long, exceeding the maximum ideal number of characters
·         Ideally, search engines allow you to use 60 characters for the title tags while 160 characters for the descriptions.

The words do not catch the searcher’s attention
·         Make title tags appealing to the searcher!
·         Good keywords alone may not be sufficient, you want to get the reader’s attention so they will click on your site using a call-to-action.

The title tag and description tag are so general that they do not specify anymore what the page is all about
·         Make sure that your title and description sentences are related to the page’s content.
·         Make sure what you’re trying to tell to the searchers are the information that they are looking for.

Using these guidelines will surely help boost your site’s ranking. Remember, unique and high quality title tags and description tags can be very effective. It helps a page to get more traffic and higher visibility opportunity to search engines. Keep in mind that traffic and search engine visibility could lead to more sales and profit which is very complimentary with your business goals.

So let’s not take for granted these small parts of our websites. These two might be less of a problem but if these are done correctly, you can be assured of your site’s success. Good luck folks!

 A special thanks to Marc Garcia from Trafficfundi Philippines for this article.

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