Monday, June 25, 2012

Writing Killer Copy to Attract Attention

Writing killer copy for websites
It is no secret that we all would love everyone to be drawn to a particular website like bees to a honey pot – but there is a lot more to writing interesting and different copy than meets the eye.

First and foremost – you need an eye-popping headline where visitors to your site would not be able to tear their faces away from the intrigue and fascination not only from the staggering headline, but also from the actual copy.

Don’t waffle, don’t be boring and yes – don’t say stuff you know nothing about – so the real and true key is to do your research thoroughly. There is enough on the web and enough in magazines and enough in newspapers to find stuff to write about – and if you are REALLY stuck – go to the library which is a font of information.

When you read books (this helps in general even if you don’t ever write copy – just makes one more interesting and a whole lot more intelligent) then keep a little book with a pen and if something witty or interesting or really well-written pops up – jot it down in your little (could be black) book.

Always remember that copy when written has to be sincere, honest and straight from the heart. If you are in a crummy mood and squeezing out copy, then the public will soon cotton on that you are faking it – oh yes! NEVER underestimate your audience, as they are a lot smarter than you realize. You know what it is like – when you are speaking to someone on the phone and they are reading something on the other side and not really paying attention, you know for sure that they are listening with half an ear. Copy is the same – if you are writing with half a heart and half a soul – everyone is going to know – trust me.

Naturally all copy is not going to grab you. There are those sites that you have to squeeze out ideas and fabulous stuff – I mean how excited can one get over mechanical stuff – not the motor kind but the factory kind, so it is your duty to MAKE it interesting – make it so interesting that customers will be queuing up to buy that product. Perhaps you are not all that excited about it but the other guy might be dying to add it to his collection of gee-gaws.

Never presume you know what it is that tickles the buyer or customer pink! It is always your duty as copy writer to write with a sincere heart and bright smile.

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